An inspiring video, new site features, and a new name!

Check out this inspiring video featuring Open Humans participant Liz Salmi and participant/board member Steven Keating.

Search & filter members.

Looking for someone’s profile? Want to see who else has joined an activity? We’ve upgraded the Member List! You can now search for other participants by name or username. You can also use a drop-down to filter the list according to activity, study, or data source.

Visit our new Member Page

Everything about an activity – all in one page.

Want to join a study? Add a data source? Manage related data? Find new ways to share? We’ve pulled all these features together with pages for each activity.

Here are some activity pages you might want to check out…

  • Open Humans HealthKit Integration
    Got an iPhone? This project and open source app, created by James Turner, enables you to add your iPhone’s Health data to Open Humans.
  • 23andMe
    Are you a 23andMe customer? You can add this data to Open Humans. Already added your data? Visit this page to see your files, and find projects you can share it with!
  • Circles
    Got nipples? (Probably!) Join this study to help Abby Wark at Harvard Medical School learn more about the areola – an understudied & uniquely human anatomy feature.

Activity pages are also easy URLs to send to friends. Feel free to share!

A new name for our nonprofit.

Our nonprofit has a new name: the Open Humans Foundation.

Open Humans is a project of a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Since its founding in 2008, this organization’s name has been “”. We’ve now got a new name, but our mission remains the same: to make a wide spectrum of data about humans accessible to increase biological literacy and improve human health.

Check out the new website at:

The Open Humans Foundation continues to support our other programs, including the GET Conference and the Personal Genome Project.

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