Monthly Archives: March 2016

Five new data sources!

We’ve added five new data sources for Open Humans members. We know you have some great stuff to share with science. Get your data in so researchers know it’s there!

Easy links below: you can jump right into adding each source…

  • Connect Fitbit
    Health and fitness devices, including activity trackers that record steps, heartrate, and sleep, as well as a scale.
  • Add Illumina Understand Your Genome
    Whole genome sequencing, generated as part of symposium teaching attendees about their genome data.
  • Connect Moves
    An always-on location logging app for iPhone or Android. It counts steps and classifies activities as walking, cycling, running, and transit.
  • Add uBiome
    Sampling kits for individuals to test gut, mouth, and other locations, performing microbiome sequencing & profiling.
  • Connect Withings
    Health & fitness devices, including a scale and a blood pressure monitor, as well as the Health Mate smartphone app.

These sources are all “in development”. We won’t be able to generate files right away, but we will soon! Add the source and we’ll build our data processing based on what we see.

Sharing is always optional. You choose when to share & who to share with. Data is private by default!

Other data sources…

In case you missed them, here’s all our other data sources (some studies, some commercial). Do any look familiar? Follow the link to add it to your account!

You can also add data files from anywhere using our Data Selfie feature!

GET Labs & GET Conference

As a reminder, Open Humans members are invited to GET Labs & GET Conference in Boston this April 25th and 26th! It’s a unique participatory science event that’s been running since 2010. Registration is still open – read more about it on our previous blog post.