Monthly Archives: February 2021

Doing Personal Science together – in memory of Steven Keating

Whether you call it Personal Science, Self-Research or Quantified Self, many of us have questions about ourselves and try to find answers for them. It’s a process that can range from structured journaling to rigorous N-of-1 studies. It’s about you – and it can be about nearly anything. From introspection to data analysis, self-research can help people find what habits work for them, manage chronic conditions, and learn more about themselves.

In collaboration between Quantified Self and Open Humans, we want to support self-research as a collective endeavor and provide a framework where a community of self-researchers can help each other. As one of the main support frameworks for this we have been hosting weekly self-research chats. In these chats you can share your currently on-going projects or projects you are currently planning; ask for feedback or advice; get help when you’re stuck; or brainstorm new ideas.

We started these calls last year as part of our collective memorial to Steven Keating. On July 19 2019 Steven – an inspiring advocate for patient data access – passed away. Curiosity was a driving force in Steven’s life. He recorded and shared videos of his brain surgery, explored his cancer’s genetic data, and printed 3D models of his tumor. Steven was also a supporter of Open Humans, and served as a director up until his passing. In his memory and in celebration of his life, we would like to help more people be curious about themselves. Our goal is to share reports about what we learned this July, in honor of him.

Our first memorial to Steven last year culminated in a Show & Tell meeting in which participants of the regular self-research chats presented their projects and what they learned from them. Given the large interest in this we will do the same this year: At the end of July we will organize another Show & Tell meeting in memory of Steven and just like last year we will hold weekly self-research meetings to prepare our projects. 

We’re inviting you to join our calls – every Thursday at 10am Pacific time – to share your ideas about self-research projects – questions they have, and potential approaches – and provide support for each other in our efforts. Doing this in a group means you can get help when you’re stuck! This is an opportunity to try self-research for the first time – or to pursue a project you already have – by doing it with a small group of people who have diverse skills, lots of experience, and a desire to support you.

Join us in learning about ourselves. Find more information about the Memorial, the self-research chats and when the next meeting is.