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Holiday Exclusives & Gift Ideas

Searching for unique and memorable gifts?

We’ve collected options that teach people cool things about themselves…And produce data they can share!


Five Site Explorer Kit – $89 (~78% off regular price of $399)

  • Discover all the bacteria living in your mouth, nose, skin, genital AND gut microbiomes
  • Special offer for Open Humans – ‘5 sites for the price of 1’
  • Use discount code shared in our newsletter
  • Offer valid until Friday December 16 or while supplies last

Detox Me Action Kit – $299

  • New crowdfunded study from the nonprofit Silent Spring Institute
  • Test your personal exposure to ten common household and environmental chemicals (e.g. bisphenol-A, aka “BPA”)
  • Get a personalized report comparing your results with others, including tips on how to reduce your exposures
  • Special bonus for Open Humans – they plan to return data to member accounts!

Veritas myGenome Service – $899 (10% off regular price of $999)

  • Whole genome sequencing and health interpretation
  • Special bonus for Open Humans – they are opening their holiday special a week early for members! Use discount code shared in our newsletter
  • Offer valid until Saturday January 7 or while supplies last
  • NOTE: There is an additional $99 fee to receive your Variant Call Format (VCF) file. (You’ll need to contact VCF raw data is needed for third-party interpretation and/or sharing on Open Humans.
AncestryDNA Test Kit – $89 (10% off regular price of $99)
  • DNA testing for family history
  • No special code required
  • Offer valid through December 14
Genos Whole Exome Sequencing – $374 (~6% off regular price of $399)
  • CLIA-compliant, 75x on-target coverage via a saliva spit sample
  • Analyzed with GATK best practices workflow
  • Download as a VCF file for sharing
  • Certified genetic counselors at preferred rate
  • 25% off select health-tracking products
  • 25% off your entire order through December 25 when you buy 2 or more devices
23andMe Ancestry Service for $99 or Health+Ancestry Service for $199
American Gut Microbial Sampling Kit – $99
Fitbit health-tracking products, accessories, services and apparel (prices vary)

May you have a happy, healthy, and inspiring holiday season and New Year!
– The Open Humans team
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