GET Conference & GET Labs

We would like to invite Open Humans members to attend the 2016 GET Conference and GET Labs!

On April 25th and 26th, leading thinkers, scientists, and participatory researchers will gather in Boston at Harvard Medical School for two days of interactive science and amazing talks.

  • Tickets for GET Labs exclusively available to ALL Open Humans members (and ONLY Open Humans members) for a nominal fee of $16! Becoming a member just takes a minute.
  • Tickets for the GET Conference are typically $299, but attendance is FREE for qualifying Open Humans members!

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GET Labs on April 25th

This is an exclusive event for members of the Open Humans community!

What is “GET Labs”? This event is all about advancing science through direct participation. We bring together participants and researchers for a day of interactive labs. If you’ve never been, it’s a unique experience! Our community has helped advance all kinds of research, everything from viral profiling, perfect pitch, ancestry, fitness sensors, user interface design for genome reports, and – probably most popular last year – face mites! (Yep, turns out we all have Demodex mites.)

Fifteen research studies are already planning to attend, and the list is sure to grow. As in years past, the Harvard PGP, GoViral, and American Gut team will attend – and they’re planning to share free microbiome kits with qualifying members!

It’s also a chance to meet other Open Humans members! GET Labs invitations are open to ALL Open Humans members – and ONLY Open Humans members! – for a nominal fee of $16.

Click here to register for GET Labs!

The day will close with our first ever GETy Awards ceremony, honoring excellence in participant-centered research, followed by a reception.


GET Conference on April 26th

We’ve got amazing talks & discussions lined-up this year! Come learn from leading experts about:

  • Integrated Omics Profiles
  • Microbiomes, Health, and Built Environment
  • AI & Medicine
  • Networked Biology

Part of what makes the GET Conference amazing is how the audience truly bridges researchers and participants. Each year, we reserve around half of the seats for participants from our community, as a thank you for engaging with us and collaborating in the creation of culture of participatory research. For qualified members, registration is free: all we ask is for a donation in the amount you can afford. For everyone else, tickets are $299.

To learn more, click the button below and look at the “special opportunity for Open Humans” on the registration page for how to qualify for your FREE Ticket.

Click here to register for the GET Conference!

As you can see, this year’s events are not to be missed. We hope you can make it! Full agenda here.


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