2016 GET Conference Highlights


We held our latest GET Conference on April 25-26 in Boston. We know most Open Humans members couldn’t attend; we hope you enjoy some of these videos and highlights!


Kathy Hudson’s keynote address on the Precision Medicine Initiative and the rest of the 2016 GET Conference lectures are now on this PersonalGenomes.org Youtube Playlist.

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GETy Award winners

The first ever GETy Awards honored excellence in participant-centered research. Learn about the GETY Award winners by reading this press release.

The GETy Awards honorees ended their acceptance speeches with a “codonku”, a nerdy sort of haiku that we invented. Here’s one of our favorites:

Autocatalysis usually goes
until annihilation. Imagine
us annihilating autocatalysis.

– Sonia Vallabh & Eric Minikel,
Participant Pioneer honorees,

People’s Choice Award: American Gut

At the conference, attending Open Humans members voted on the GETy “People’s Choice Award”. The award was won by American Gut! You probably already know about this terrific study – but if you don’t, you can go to the Activities page on Open Humans to learn more about them and other connected projects.

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