What We’re Reading

Some links to articles we found interesting. Hope you enjoy!

FTC Cracks Down on Marketers of “Melanoma Detection” Apps
Federal Trade Commission – February 23

Pregnant Women Are Finding Out They Have Cancer From A Genetic Test Of Their Babies
Virginia Hughes, BuzzFeed – March 5

What to do with a million (billion) genomes? Share them
Dawn Field, Oxford University Press blog – March 5

Apple Could Lead In Healthcare. Here’s Why It Won’t.
Dan Munro, Forbes – March 9

Genome Study Predicts DNA of the Whole of Iceland
Earlier, more provocative title: “Ethics Rules Keep DeCode Genetics From Revealing Cancer Risks”.
Antonio Regalado, MIT Technology Review – March 25

FDA ‘Taking a Very Light Touch’ on Regulating the Apple Watch
Adam Satariano, Bloomberg – March 30

Research led by participants: a new social contract for a new kind of research
Effy Vayena, et al., Journal of Medical Ethics – March 30

A New Facebook App Wants To Test Your DNA
The “Genes for Good” research study, which will return raw genotyping data to participants.
Virginia Hughes, BuzzFeed – March 31

The Healing Power of Your Own Medical Records
Steve Lohr, New York Times – March 31

Using Patient Data to Democratize Medical Discovery
Steve Lohr, New York Times: Bits blog – April 2

Ancestry.com is quietly transforming itself into a medical research juggernaut
Daniela Hernandez, Fusion – April 3

Mark Cuban Ignites Digital Health Firestorm On Twitter
Dan Munro, Forbes – April 5

A WordPress for genetic data, Curoverse opens in beta to researchers
Nidhi Subbaraman, BetaBoston – April 14