Open Humans – website updates and improvements

We’ve had a wonderful response to our launch two weeks ago – as of today, over 1,000 people have signed up as members of this new community!

We’ll always be working hard to expand and improve the site. Here’s our first batch to report, post-launch.

A “Welcome” guide for new users
One thing our site really needed was a guide for new members! We’ve added some Welcome pages to help people get started with first steps.

Click here to see our tips for getting started on Open Humans.

Improved login
We also improved our login process: Now you can log in with your username or your email address. If you had trouble logging in before, we hope this makes it much easier!

Data sources survey
One of our new welcome pages is actually a survey. Do you have data sources (e.g. 23andMe, FitBit, RunKeeper) that you’re interested in donating to research?

Although we can’t build everything at once, it’s important for us to know which data sources represent the highest value for our community – if you’re a member, we’d love to hear from you.

To contribute, please go to our site to fill out the survey.

We’re continuing to work hard to improve the website, as well as finding new studies and opportunities to import and receive data. Thank you for your participation and willingness to open-source your body!